Acupressure is recognised Chinese Medicine and has been used for more than 3,000 years in China as a major part of their primary healthcare system.
It is used to release any blockages by redistributing the energy and encourages the free flow to all meridians.
When you have free flowing energy through your system you have health and vitality.

In Chinese Medicine, the body has been recognised as having distinct features and characteristics which correlate to the Elements and cycles thereof which make up the world.

As we are “of” the World it makes sense that our bodies are not only composed of elements including water, minerals, gases, chemical compounds and so forth but our bodies systems cycles mimic that which exisits in the order of the universe itself ….let me explain!

According to the Chinese;  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood are the fundamental elements which make up our world, the interaction and relationship of these elements follow specific, definitive laws and cycles which we as part of the world innately follow also.

These interactions translate to the flow of “life” or in our case health.
By using these Laws which have been successfully used in the Practise of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years we can map, isolate function/disfunction and therefore have a workable interface which we can use to assist people realise and release their “blocks” to generate inner (and therefore outer) health.
Our bodies know how to be healthly and how to repair – a cut on your hand “knows” how to heal itself….on a broader scale so to does our body “know” how to reslove, repair and release ANY “dis-ease”
With the combination of the Laws of Chinese Medicine and the ability to ustilise the bio feedback mechanism of Kinesiology’s muscle monitoring, we finally have all the keys needed to accomplish health Naturally.

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