Harmonize Your Internal Environment – Do you suffer from Candida?

By Kylie Bryan RSKP

Bloating? Sluggish digestion? Thrush? Chronic fatigue/tiredness? Low energy? IBS? Depression? Anxiety? Hay fever? Mood swings? Concentration problems? Food allergies? Menstrual problems? Craving sweet foods? Migraines/headaches?

These are a few expression of how our body could be telling us our internal balance is out of harmony and Candida may be present.

We spend a lot of time, effort and energy ensuring our houses are clean, our streets and communities are well maintained, and that physically we are kept clean and well groomed… so to we need to take care of our own internal environment – inside our body!

As a means of coping during stressful times in life, the mechanisms within our bodies become altered which can throw off and disrupt our internal bacteria balance resulting in what is known as “Candida” (a “bad bacterial” overgrowth).  We always have bacteria within us good and bad, but when an excess of the bad bacteria exists it can inflame out internal linings and is then able to permeate the lining of the gut – now able to enter the blood stream and cause even more problems.

Toxins inside of us (both this excess of bad bacteria and the by-products they leave in their processes) overload our immune system leaving us more susceptible and open resulting in impaired function, taking away our ability to be healthy physically which has a flow on effect in us mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

To re-harmonize and release disruptive energy from our physical body, it is important to support the detoxification organs to rebalance our internal environment.  We can do this in many ways – a method which has been proven particularly effective is through using Kinesiological techniques.  These techniques assess which components of our Being are out of alignment and identify specifically how your individual body best be supported to “correct the imbalance” bringing you back to homeostasis (balance/health).

Our physical and energetic systems are an integrated whole and as with all ailments when looked at Metaphysically, there is always a higher learning to be gained when we uncover what it is our Higher Self is wanting to communicate with us through the expression of any “dis” “ease” – the same applies with Candida.

As we are all individuals, the reasons behind your body’s expression of Candida is going to be slightly different from the next persons.  If you would like help identifying the core imbalances within Your system which may have allowed Candida to proliferate and disrupt your health, I invite you to come into Precision Healthcare Clinic this weekend to have a Kinesiology session.  Get back on track by harmonizing your internal environment to be able to release Candida from your body so you can experience health and inner balance today.

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