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After spending 14 years studying multiple areas of complimentary medicine, I know Kinesiology is one of THE most PROFOUND tools to create health, self awareness and change….and fast!

It will give you the ability to pin point the hows and whys of repeated health issues, life patterns (eg financial issues, relationship problems), behaviours (eg addictions, reactions etc), habits and experiences in your life AND the tools to CREATE CHANGE…

In 2014 we have put through almost 200 students who are all experiencing wonderful changes from what they have learned.

Here is what a few have said about the workshops:
“Life changing!”
“Learning with you has been so much fun!”
“From the bottom of my heart thank you!! You are such a great teacher, not only in the way you make Kinergetics such a fascinating, accessible modality, but also in the way you bring life philosophies to class”
“I wish I had known all of this sooner……my life would have been so different”
“Best thing I have EVER done”
“Thank you thank you thank you. You held the space perfectly for me to learn, grow and change exponentially”
“Has changed my pain…I have lived with chronic pain in my leg for almost 25 years and now….nothing, NO PAIN….I just can’t believe it”

booknow_greenWhen you learn Kinesiology, you learn to:
*Identify and release blocks to experience your highest potential – beit an increase in confidence, self esteem, assertiveness, focus, health, self actualisation, clarity, well being… and so much more!
*To tap into your own innate healing abilities
*Create health
*Feel rested on waking
*Experience inner peace
*Minimise stress and strain in life
*Have a more rewarding life
*Experience true vitality
*Sleep easier
*Be alert during the day
*Be able to achieve your goals
*Identify and move toward achieving your true ambitions
*And best of all…..you will learn to help your family & friends do the same!

If YOU are ready to transform your life for the better, Kinesiology is going to give you the tools.
If you would like to know more, simply use the “LEARN” tab above and explore the Workshops we offer (from the drop down menus) and find schedules, prices and Workshop content.
I look forward to sharing your journey of transformation with you!


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