Mercury and Heavy Metals

Kinesiology can be used to support the body to release potential heavy metal toxicity, whether it be Mercury exposure from dental work, tinned foods, sea foods medication, make-up, skin products or enivronmnetal exposure…

More Potential Exposure:

  • Dental Amalgam
  • Grains (especially those treated with fungicides)
  • Tuna and Large salt water fish eg Salmon, Shellfish
  • Tap Water
  • Kelp, Seaweed
  • Cosmetics – hair dyes, mascara
  • Medications (some antiseptics&first aid preparations, acne, eye, ear drops
  • Adhesives
  • Outdoor fungicides. Herbicides and disinfectants


Effects of Mercury Exposure

  • Most mercury is retained in the body cells, not in the urine or blood
  •  Highest concentration is in the kidney’s, liver and brain
  • Can cause weakening in the wall of the small blood vessels, resulting in the reduction of blood supply to the tissues and reduced function and/or cell death
  •  Heart function may be affected by Mercury and electrical currents from amalgam
  • Even low levels of Mercury will destroy the walls of red blood cells
  • Mercury binds strongly to selenium, reducing blood selenium levels and thus increasing the rate of some cancers.  Selenium is needed for a variety of enzyme functions
  • Mercury binds to haemoglobin in the blood and reduces its capacity to transport oxygen (this may be one of the causes of Chronic Fatigue)
  • Mercury affects the immune system, creating the environment for other diseases to develop
  • Mercury binds to proteins making them look like foreign matter to the immune system. Auto-immune disease may insue
  • Mercury can cross the plactena and concerntrate in the foetus.  It is transported via breast milk to concerntrate in the body of the feeding infant.  Prenatal exposire may cause developmental defects and neurological damage.
  • Tissue levels of mercury in the foetus, new born and infact are directly proportional to the amout of amalgam fillings in the mother’s mouth
  • Mercury is mutagenic – it can cause single strand breakdowns in DNA


General Information about Mercury and Dental Amalgam

Amalgam is an alloy of silver, tin, zinc and copper, combined with the element Mercury.  Fillings are about 50% Mercury.
The ATSDR (The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registery) lists Mercury as one of the top 20 most hazardous substances known to man!

Electrical currents generated by the interaction of different metals in the mouth induce low currents in a person with similar effects to standing under high tension power cables.

Placing a gold crown over an amalgam filling may cause a four fold increase in the amount of Mercury being driven throug the tooth – but amalgam is still the most commonly used material to build the core of a crown.

Retention of Mercury in the blood is said to be 1mg/filling/day
Up to 80% of inhaled Mercury vapour is absorbed through the lungs. A percentage of Mercury vapour adheres to the lining of the nose and mouth and is transported directly to the brain.

Mercury from amalgam easily crosses the blood brain barrier and can damage any part of the CNS (central nervous system). Some Mercury is also transported along the nerve fibers(retrograde axonal transport) back to the brain.

Mercury from alalgam has been found all the way down the spinal cord.
The levels of Mercury in the brain are directly proportional to the amount of fillings in the mouth.
Minute amounts of Mercury in the brain will cause the same type of damage as is found in the brains of patients with Alsheimers Disease.

Low levels of Mercury in the brain will severely disturb cellular function and reduce growth of nerve fibres.

Retrograde root fillings contain amalgam implanted directly into the bone. Mercury can passs readily from such an implant to the brain.
One amalgam manufacturer, Caulk, states that amalgam is contraindicated for use as a retrograde fillling and for use with gold crowns.

Dental personnel show a range of medical effects different from the rest of the population:

  • Twice the rate of glioblastomas than the rest of the population
  • Reduced IQ levels have been demonstrated
  • Twice the rate of suicide of any professional group
  • 20% of Canadian dentists are on permanent disability for psychological reasons
  • Female dental personnel exposed to mercury, exhibit twice the rate of miscarriage, infertility and still births as compared to the rest of the population
  • Psychomotor and psycho-emotional studies of dentists demonstrate a severe drop in scores compared to the rest of the population

References: – permission from Robert Gammal DDS

All heavy metals we absorb beit via our environment, ingestion through food, absorption through skin from make up and so forth can stay in our cells having potentially hazardous effects of our health and well being.
This includes aluminum, lead, copper, zinc and so forth.
Interestingly, ex-smokers can carry residual toxic metals in their systems long after they have given up smoking (filters and some tobaccos contain a multitude of minute amounts of heavy metals which can sit in our cells and be toxic for us).
With Kinesiology we can support our bodies so we can safely detoxify them from our system creating increased well being.




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