How can it help me?

How can it help me?

Why is it important to understand the underlying cause of my problem?

  • Simply, if you understand the cause and how your discomfort came to be, you will have greater chance of your problem not returning – clearing it permanently and truly moving forward.
  • Self Responsibility. Once you really understand that your health is your responsibility you become fully empowered and in control

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The combination of Counselling and Kinesiology offered here – why is it important?
Finding out why an issue has occurred in the first place is extremely important when working to permanently resolve an issue. Many problems arise without us really knowing what is behind them.

Kinesiologists are trained to ask the right questions to facilitate their clients find their own innate wisdom in order to get the answers they need in order to move forward.

How can Counselling can be useful?
By talking things through we are able to externalise and therefore grasp better and breakdown the issue to see which parts are particularly stressful. We are also able to uncover any old patterns or beliefs that are out dated that literally get in the way of us getting better.
In other words belief systems we had when we were younger may not be appropriate for our lives as adults today.
Once we become aware of our driving unconscious beliefs, we are then able to replace them with more positive, empowering ones.

A simple example of this would be:
A person wants to give up smoking but is finding it extremely difficult.
A limiting belief may be that when the person started smoking at 14 years old they did it to be cool and fit in socially, which gave them a sense of acknowledgement & acceptance. Now as an adult the subconscious mind associates giving up smoking as a loss of acknowledgment & acceptance and strongly resists EVEN though consciously they want to quit smoking.

One of the best things about using Kinesiology combined with counselling methods is that we can pinpoint exactly what it is that is preventing us from moving forward along with the exact method which will work best for you specifically. Traditional “helping methods” have pigeon-holed people into groups with set tendancies, Kinesiology works for you as an individual which ensures exact, long lasting results.

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