Our bodies are on average between 60-70% water.
All processes which occur within us therefore occur in water – including chemical reactions, digestion, metabolism, waste removal and muscle contraction to name a few. Therefore proper hydration is essential to good health.
Kinesiology is unique in that it can isolate specific areas where your body for whatever reason is not hydrated (or even retaining too much fluid), we can then target this for correction with amazing results.
As always we work with the body holistically and in this way we acknowledge that we are phyiscal, bio-chemical(our emotions and mental processes equate to bio-chemical biology/energetic “patterns”)and electrical, and as we all know, water is a conduit for electrical currents – such as our nerve impulses, with proper hydration checked and corrected, our body is in the best place to experience optimal health.

Some benefits of proper hydration:

  • Improved digestion
  • Regulated temperature through sweating
  • Removal of toxins from the body
  • Transportation of nutrients
  • Ensures joints and tissues are lubricated
  • Increases oxygen availability to cells
  • Reduces food craving and helps release toxins for more efficient weight loss
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