Initial Consultation and Follow up

Kylie is currently heavily booked through til April 2017.  However does periodically have sessions available from cancellations so do contact us via email if you need a session and she will look after you if she can.


You are welcome to call or email any enquires to us

If she is unable to assist you immediately she will direct you to a Practitioner close to you who can meet your needs.


Initial Consultation and Follow up

Your initial session is 1 hour and 15 minutes, in which time a detailed client history is taken along with a treatment plan specifically designed to meet your needs and accomplish your desired outcomes. We use the latest Kinesiological techniques to access deeply hidden physiological “stress/trauma” and re-balance the energetic aspects of your nutrition and release any toxicity (energetically) to ensure your body is optimally functioning and hydrated before we start the balancing process.  This is very quick and involves a few gentle jaw techniques and kidney support and has been proven to affect massive amounts of structural change.

Initial session with Kylie will take up to 90 minutes (you will only be charged for the hour). In the session you choose the area of life you would like to experience change and using Kinesiology as her primary tool she will work with your body to unlock unconscious patterns and blocks held within and by the same means will be able to identify with pin point precision your body’s exact individual preference for healing to create lasting change.

Because Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring (a process whereby we can get an instant feedback as our muscles are hard-wired to our brain) we can gently and safely gain the insights needed to create true self-awareness and ultimately health. Kinesiology caters to you specifically as an individual resulting in a more efficient, effective result.

Kylie will help you find your own Spiritual alignment by facilitating you in the release of what is no longer serving you in life, be it physical, emotional or mental; and by doing this from the core level will help you create the life, health and self you truly desire.

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Subsequent sessions are approximately 1 hour and are generally appointed fortnightly, but this is always dependent on the individual and what it is you would like to work with. As we progress into the session, you can choose to sit or lie (most people feel more relaxed when lying down for a balance) down on the Practitioner table while I monitor some muscles and apply correction techniques (more information on some of the methods used can be found under the modalities/techniques menu). You may be given home reinforcement techniques to support and assist you between sessions. It is advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, with pants recommended for females. If you have further questions, you are always most welcome to email me at

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