SYDNEY Kinergetics Intensives HERE 2017 LIMITED SEATS!

I am so delighted to bring you a Kinergetics Intensives in 2017!

These Intensives are incredibly popular and are being held at multiple locations spanning:

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Canberra, ACT, Australia

Adelaide, SA, Australia

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

North Island, NZ

**Full details are emailed to you upon enrolment or simply email us to find out exact location for your chosen Workshop dates

We will go through the entire syllabus over 12 days! (with a few days off in between!)

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Kinergetics covers the gamut of Kinesiological techniques and whether you are learning for your own personal awareness/growth/health, to add to your current skill set or to begin your journey into a new career, I cant recommend these Workshops more highly.

Yes, there is a lot of information within the Workshops – but I will walk you through step by step and I can guarantee you your life will CHANGE by learning these tools.

During the Workshops, students continually comment on how “different” they feel, reporting better quality sleep, more energy, reduced stress, reduced pain and increased general well being.  I liken these Workshops to going through a type of “energy attunement” – in that as part of learning how to identify and correct Hydration, TMJ, Emotional imbalances, sabotages and so on, we are in effect ourselves becoming more hydrated, relaxing our own jaw/body muscle/structural stress, diffusing our own hidden stresses/beliefs/sabotages and begin to feel clearer and freed of our own issues and blocks which have potentially been holding us back for years!

You are welcome to book in for as many Units as you like and if you have already studies Kinergetics, simply enter your booking as a “Repeat Student”, email me a copy of your Certificate, bring along your manual on the day and you will be entitled to resit the Units for just 20% of current Unit price!

If this learning style appeals to you simply use the Book Now Button to enrol TODAY!
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I want to support you being the best Practitioner possible and to really understand the material – it is POWERFUL, EFFECTIVE, EFFICIENT and GENTLE.  Kinergetics HAS and continues to HAVE PROFOUND RESULTS – I invite and encourage you to share this wonderful technique to help yourself, family, friends and loved ones live in FULL HEALTH and HAPPINESS in ALL areas of your life – whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, in your relationships, work, family, finances……be part of this BRILLIANT stream of Kinesiology TODAY!!

By completing Units 1-6 as part of the Intensive this year with Kylie , you will be on the fast track towards your new career, advancing your current career or completing what I believe to be one of THE MOST EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and PROFOUND natural healing modalities we have!

I look forward to sharing Kinergetics with you soon!!

2017 Workshop Timetable:

Workshop Dates


What to bring: Bottle of water, pad, pen

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