Kinergetics Unit 4

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You will learn:

Higher Vibrational Energy – You will get attuned to clear more energy blocks. Corrections will be deeper.
Safety Checks – Learn how to align the energy body as we now have more access to the client’s bio-computer.
Magnesium/Mineral Metabolism – Learn how to identify locate stresses blocking specific aspects of assimilation of minerals.
Accessing Optimum Support – Learn how to support the body to give you more information. This enables you to bring to the surface hidden stresses that the body did not have enough energy to deal with.
Hydration Scan List Correction – Learn deeper, faster Hydration corrections.
Access Sequence – Learn to check and clear possible blocks to healing. Learn how to add much more information before correcting.
Electrolyte Correction – Learn how to energetically balances electrolytes to support the body.
Session Completion Checks – Learn tools to ensure no sabotages or other blocks exisit which could have prevented the corrections holding.
Scan Lists – Learn to use a variety of Scan Lists to embue your balances with more information. Includes lots of Scan Lists and corrections from other Units

Prerequisites: Unit 1, 2 & 3
Course Fee: $440
Included: Manual, Certificate, Tuition with Kylie Bryan
Duration: 15hrs
Repeat Fee: only $88


Next Dates can be found by using the Learn tab under “Worskhop Dates”

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