Kinergetics is a comprehensive modality of Kinesiology that has the flexibility to encompass other modalities, and brings them together in a very logical way. It is a simple, gentle and clear way to work with Kinesiology and is the product of a Kinesiology Master!

I personally trained in many different streams of Kinesiology and a range of natural therapies and found after doing the Kinergetics stream I had the missing piece which brought all my other training together – and I want to give that to you.

It is a stand alone platform also which has a limitless capacity! You learn the absolute essentials of Kinesiology in Kinergetics, eg age recession, correcting with emotions, sensitivity testing, affirmations etc, and this gives you the basic tools of Kinesiology to learn any other forms of Kinesiology.

Kinergetics is accredited by the leading Kinesiology Associations in Australia and is taught worldwide.

The complete Kinergetics course consists of six sequential Workshop Units. Each Unit consists of 15 hours of tuition in which we explore practical, theory and the application in real terms of the techniques.

Each Unit is usually taught in the format of a 2 day Workshop.  And you can be assessed to gain competency at your request following your repeat of the workshop (the total credited hours given by the Australian Kinesiology Association is: 90hrs Unit 1-6, 45hours is given for your first repeat of Units 1-6 so the total for the complete competency series of Kinergetics Workshop is 135hrs.  The Australian Institute of Kinesiologists recognizes 90 hours for both your first 1-6 AND repeat Unit 1-6 so you will be entitled to 180hours accredited if you are with that association).

Each Unit can be taken individually, in order from Unit 1 to 6. A comprehensive, clear and easy to follow Manual is included in the price of each Workshop Unit.

The course structure is as follows:

Duration: 15 hours per Unit

Delivery: Turotial with Kylie Bryan

Kinergetics Unit 1 15hrs

Kinergetics Unit 2 15hrs

Kinergetics Unit 3 15hrs

Kinergetics Unit 4 15hrs

Kinergetics Unit 5 15hrs

Kinergetics Unit 6 15hrs


Teaching Methods A range of teaching methods are incorporated for delivery of course content as relevant to the subject. These include a combination of modified lectures utilizing visual aids, workbooks and handouts, class and group discussions, theory and practical exercises, demonstrations, role plays and presentations.

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