Kinesiology Fundamentals – Creating & Enhancing Natural Health



This half day event will introduce you to the fundamentals of one of the fastest growing fields of Natural Health – Kinesiology.  Your presenter is a leading instructor in this field and specializes in assisting both everyday people and established health professionals create flourishing careers through the advanced application of Kinesiological techniques.

Learn how YOU can build a thriving, meaningful career, just like hundreds of past graduates, in the fastest growing industry on the planet, health and wellness.

Learn all about a system of working with the body considered the ‘medicine of the future’ and how skills in Kinesiology will ensure a career that is deeply rewarding, flexible and successful.  You will experience why it is at the cutting edge of empowering health and well being.

On the day we will cover:

  • A brief history of Kinesiology
  • A brief summary of the Chinese medicine model Kinesiology is based upon
  • The role in the health industry natural health practitioner play in the future
  • The importance of complementary techniques
  • The importance of working with our body holistically when it comes to health and well being in every area of life and HOW TO with Kinesiology
  • Your goals and career outcomes
  • Demonstration of how simple and powerful and deep Kinesiology is at releasing serious issues like Trauma and pain

Practical component

  • Learn how to perform basic muscle testing
  • Learn how to and experience enhanced energy flow in the body
  • Understand how to work with chakras to strengthen your body physically
  • Learn how to reduce/eliminate stress
  • Learn how to increase energy
  • Learn a basic sensitivity release technique
  • Experience how energy work and Kinesiology combine for FAST changes in posture
  • Learn about key points: where are they, how do I find them, what they can be useful for.
  • Discussion of what can I change in my life now and how we can help you create a booming natural health business FAST

Time/Price: 9am-12pm $165

Facilitator: Kylie Bryan

Venue: Suite 1/20 Clarke St
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Sydney, Australia




Due to physical space restriction we have LIMITED SEATS ONLY.

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