Results Clients have reported

Clients have reported Results!


Although, legally as we are a Complementary Therapy, we don’t “treat, cure or dignose” by definition, past clients have reported impressive comprehensive results surrounding:

Pain/Physical Stress – Adrenal fatigue, general aches and pains, chronic pains, indigestion, heart burn, high/low blood pressure(hypotension/hypertension), nausia, tight muscles(hypertonic), loose muscles(hypotonic), neck/sholder pain, lower back pain, sensitivities, sinus irritation, postural issues

Jaw Problems (TMJ) – Teeth Grinding, Teeth Clenching, Post operative dental stress/discomfort, recurrent/severe headaches, “Clicking” jaw, tight jaw muscles

Hydration – assimilation, fluid retention, cysts, dizziness, improved skin, clear thinking, headaches relief

Candida/Chronic Fatigue – supports the detoxification organs to re-balance body’s internal bacteria balance aiding sluggish digestion, thrush, chronic fatigue, bloating, intestinal health

Emotional Wellbeing – self confidence, self-esteem, ease of emotional expression, emotional stability, energy slumps, personal growth, anxiety, stress reduction, relationship issues, grief and loss

Sensory Improvement – Vision, Hearing, Taste, Smell, Skin Numbness, Sixth Sense awareness/development, release of blocks to any higher sense perception

Learning disorders – ADHD, memory loss, memory power, reading problems, dyslexia, attention span issues

Mental Health – arguing inside of your mind with yourself, over-sensitivity in specific body areas, money issues, negative self-talk, general consistent worry, over thinking, indecisive tendencies, writers block, decision making

Women’s Problems – painful menstruation , conception issues, irregular periods, relief from menopause symptoms, endometriosis, morning sickness, pelvic pain, pelvic inflammatory disease, cysts

Kids – Learning difficulties, bed wetting, tummy aches, emotional stress, ADD, skin problems, sleeping issues

Nutritional Support – supports digestion, absorption, assimilation, utilization, elimination, metabolism of your body minerals and vitamins

Stress – common fears/phobias (public speaking, flying, spiders), feeling “spaced out”, anxiety/panic attacks, sleeping troubles, feelings of insecurity, inferiority, nightmares

Ankles, Knees and Feet – recurrent sprains, chronic ankle discomfort, chronic knees pains, foot cramps, trust/confidence following surgery

Sabotage indentification and release – allows forward movement in areas where you have been trying to achieve success but seem to sabotage getting there. This can pertain to anything from weight loss, financial freedom, exams, relationships, spiritual awareness, exercise/diet change commitment, career change, habits including smoking, sugar cravings, avoidance, alcohol etc

General Well-being – Identify and realign nutritional deficiency/excess

Mercury & Heavy Metals – supports the body to release potential heavy metal toxicity whether it be from Mercury exposure from dental work, ingestion from tinned food, sea-foods, medications, make-up, skin products, environmental exposure.


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