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Students/Clients Reviews 2015-2016

May 24, 2015 Zara Pamboukhtchian

Kylie is one of those people you can’t help but love when you first meet. She has a loving energy around her which is a contribution to her work.
I walked in with a long list of ailments that I’d like addressed. The top of my list being that I’d had my period constantly for close to six months at that point.
Medical professionals had run tests, and weren’t able to tell me what was going on.

After my first session, my periods are back to normal, I have more energy than before, and my body seems to be on my side again.

Robyn McLeod September 25, 2015

Kylie, I feel so privileged to have met you. You are such an inspirational teacher, and your passion and energy is so contagious!
The journey through Kinergetics has been life changing for me and my family. I am so excited to be able to offer this modality to my clients and assist them in reaching optimum health and happiness. xx

Sara Yeo October 2015

Kinesiology with Kylie I can honestly say it has changed my life, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I have had chronic back pain for many years and it cleared instantly. I also didn’t realise how toxic my body became over the years and I always felt so stuck in life. Now with the Kinesiology balances I feel so much lighter, happier, centred and grounded. I really enjoy the classes and I would just keep doing them over and over again if I could. I highly recommend kinesiology with Kylie – truly inspirational and a beautiful soul with a big big heart xo

Kirsten Severino November 9 2015

When I discovered Kylie’s ( Precision Healthcare ) website I had a feeling that from meeting her I would come to some profound change in my life. I never anticipated how much of a change that would be. Learning Kinergetics with Kylie allowed me to finally find my place in the world. Her ability to not only teach with such passion but instil that same passion and enthusiasm in her students is such rare gift. Not only does Kylie have such a genuine heart which shows in her teaching and work, but she has a real professionalism in her delivery and conduct of the course. I would recommend Kylie, Kinergetics, and Precision Healthcare Clinic to anyone who is ready for a most wonderful fulfilling and life changing experience. Be ready to see your life in a new and heart opening way. xx

Students Review/Comments Classes 2015
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“Thank you for being such and amazing teacher”

“Your workshop was a truly amazing experience”

“I wanted to let you know how great I feel….I have much more energy than normal!…Yesterday I had another exercise session at my physio – I couldn’t believe how strong I felt and I’m not even sore today.  I just love this stuff so much.”

“It has been the most wonderful courses I have ever attended and you are a fabulous and caring teacher”

“It was my pleasure coming to Sydney … so beneficial and you are an excellent trainer, and a lovely lovely person.”

“Thanks Kylie, am feeling really good…and feeling more hydrated than I have ever felt.  I wanted to say thank you for being an amazing teacher, you know you are really very very good, if a novice like me without any prior learning of anatomy and with a zero sense of energy so far can be trained to this degree in a healing modality you are certainly on the right path…very happy days!”

“Thank you for the balancing you gave me in Units 2 and 3.  It was huge!  I’ve been dealing with this power issue relating to a past life for so long and its the first time I feel that I can finally let it be in the past and I feel positive about the now.”

Student Review Comments – Classes 2014

“It is priceless.  You will become even more self aware and start to shine through and see your potential even more”

“What a wonderful gift”

“I was so rejuvenated after the last course with you that several colleagues/clients were asking me to keep them posted so they could get on board too!”
“Thank you for the balancing you gave me in Units 2 and 3.  It was huge!  I’ve been dealing with this issue for so long and its the first time I feel that I can finally let it be in the past and I feel positive about the now”

“It is amazing and you will change your life and those you do work on. Do it!”

“I think Kylie is a fantastic teacher and person.  She is so thorough in her teachings and delivery of the information in a way that students can practically apply in real life connections in a treatment.  Would recommend her highly to anyone”

“Transformation in myself, feeling lighter and more free of my junk”

“Kylie is such a beautiful woman.  It was great observing her love and passion for Kinergetics and her willingness to pass her knowledge on to others.  Thanks so much Kylie and for so much more!”

“Hang in there. It is worth it. There is a lot of information but it all fits in.  It enhances so many aspects of all areas of life.  You walk away knowing you can help others”

“Enjoyed feeling comfortable with all the techniques”

“EMPOWERED by having the tools to balance my own body and understand it better”

“Loved the growth in myself.  sharing in others growth”

“Absolutely grateful and honored to experience it all”

“Incredible growth, (you) need to experience it as too hard to put into words”

“Now feel like I can really make a difference in the World.  It was the missing link to bridge my previous studies and tools”

“Go for it, don’t have any expectations and be open to change yourself and to learn and grow…it is amazing”

“All the support you may need is available and it is amazing to feel community with so many special people”

“New and improved sense of self, clarity, expansiveness, full of potential to help and serve”

“Kylie is a gifted teacher. Her patience, creativity, knowledge and intuition combine to allow professional and personal space for learning and growth”

“It has been by far the most unusual, challenging, greatest learning experience I’ve ever had.  And that it has been an invaluable contributor to my personal growth”

Enjoyed most – “Kylie and her amazing (kind and beautiful) teaching”

“It will take your business, personal growth and understanding of energy to a new level”

“Do it”

“Thanks for the April update, and for doing such a wonderful job teaching Kinergetics all around Sydney :-))
I did the advanced hydration balance for a client the other day, and she loved it !!”
“Been very busy using Kinergetics and loving it so much really want to do the repeats soon! “

“Awesome THANK YOU Kylie”

“The modality of Kinergetics has far exceeded all of my expectations of whats possible in a healing modality.  Im blown away right now”

“Kylie is full of passion and energy which makes us all feel the same way”

“This is a technique that can help everyone”

“I started feeling lost and unsure about my purpose/next step in life, after completing all 5 Units I am now more confident and more positive about change and the future and what I have to contribute to myself and others”

Enjoyed most – “Kylie the teacher.  How much we learnt in each module or level was very high and very good quality of information I enjoyed doing many balances in each level and having the time and efficiency of Kylie’s teaching to be able to achieve a lot”

Enjoyed most – “The depth of information, demonstrations and lots of practice time”

“I have left the weight of the World I was carrying before. I feel positive about sharing this place of loving supportive power with others who may benefit.  I look forward to seeing and experiencing this new reality and wherever it may take me…”

“Kylie was fantastic at teaching/communicating/keeping us on task and answering all questions with care and grace”

“Do it, and be prepared for an adventure”

“It helped me through the hardest time and year of my life.  And I wouldn’t  have thrived so soon again without doing this course at this time as it covered so many levels of being with instant results”

“If you love this type of work, do this training.  As it is comprehensive from the physical to the spiritual without limitations with what you can do and achieve with it”

“Kylie rocks! Great instructor and truly caring Being, true dedication.  I really loved it, and I can combine it with all my other previous modalities with ease and confidence.  It is a fail safe modality and safe in all aspects. Thanks Kylie”

“Kylie is phenomenal as a teacher and a person.  Her passion for what she does is infective and I am truly grateful to have been able to have this fascinating and invaluable material delivered to me by her”

Kinergetics Workshop with Kylie:

Omgoodness I am just loving Kinergetics! I’m taking my time and going thru everything thoroughly and practicing. Excited with results and where it takes people.
Thanks for being a great teacher. I’m quoting you all the time! I love your take on everything and your sense of humour. Can’t wait for number three.

thanks kylie i have learnt a lot and discovered even more about myself with out if being confrontational, judgmental or emotional its just happened this i appreciate but particularly you being you : ) your a special person.

thank you

Thanks for an interesting weekend. I really feel like I’ve nailed unit 1 😀

Client sessions

Gets the issue cleared
Justine W says: This was the second appointment I had made with Kylie to see my son, she really is amazing! After each appointment she cleared any issues we came with, and they have never returned! Thanks so much Kylie

Session with Kylie
Niki S says:
Only a few minutes after meeting with Kylie I was optimistic about her treatment. However, as the session progressed I realised that not only was she incredibly warm and sensitive, but that her knowledge, skill and gifts were one-by-one unravelling the underlying causes of my mysterious mental/physical illness which has devastated me these past one and a half years. After one session I have noticed a deep sense of peace that I have not felt since I was a child. I feel empowered by the knowledge she gave me – that I could do most of my healing through meditation. She has completely changed my worldview from a doomed toxic place to one filled with light. She will save me thousands in dental treatments for my TMJ, as well as all the money that I regularly have to spend on supplements and detox treatments. This is a huge relief as I am not well enough to work. I will be seeing her again soon and recommending her wholeheartedly to everyone I know. Someone must be looking over me from above, to have led me to her. Finally I can rest, and live again.

Session with Kylie
Natalie C Says:
I’m feeling so much better, a lot more relaxed.
My blood pressure has come down, & staying down 🙂
I haven’t had any head spins, touch wood!!
And no negative mind chatter!!
So thank you,

Annonymous Says:
I came in to you for TMJ and lyme treatment about a month ago now. Since then have come to believe that a guardian angel led me to you. So many changes have occurred in my life – not only to my health but to my whole outlook on life. I am eternally grateful to you for opening up my world in this way. I was functioning so poorly for almost two years when I met you, and now I am free of my illness and my mind (almost ;). You have given me an invaluable gift and I hope that karma is true because I simply cannot repay what you have done for me.

Session with Kylie
Annonymous says:
Thank you for the experience – it gave me permission to be me and explore aspects of myself. I am so grateful.

Session with Kylie
Annonymous says:
Just letting you know I slept for ten hours and can’t remember the last time I did that! Thank you. My body needed it!

Session with Kylie
W B says:
I could not feel in a better state after your healing session

Session with Kylie
Annonymous says:
I feel great, awsome, full of energy and very thirsty!!!!!! thank you i really enjoyed the appointment with you on saturday you have made a lot of sense, thank you.

Session with Kylie
Annonymous says:
i am still feeling great acually better than great i cant explain it but awsome!!!!! very happy thank you
i look forward to seeing you very soon

Session with Kylie
Annonymous says:
Thank you so much for our session yesterday. I can tell you that I feel 10kg lighter. As if you have removed a massive stone from my stomach, it feels so light. I can’t praise what you do enough. I know it will take a few days for me to integrate the changes, like always, the first few days is about integration and getting used to the new you.

Session with Kylie
Annonymous says:
You made a HUGE difference to my health. I don’t even know where to start.
The best gift you gave me was the sense of me in my stomach. I now feel
myself there, when I get nervous I feel that area going stronger pulling my
energy down to my center so it doesn’t go everywhere else and this stops me
from feeling nervous.

Session with Kylie
Annonymous says:
You basically pushed me forward 6 months in my therapy, if not more. You removed pain from my arms, pain doesn’t get lodged in my arms and legs anymore .

Session with Kylie
Annonymous says:
I definitely want to come and see you again.
You have an amazing gift and are truly an amazing person. I have
recommended you to a few people. I would have had to go to therapy for 6
months to a year to grown the sense of me and you did it in one session.
That is a huge accomplishment and it is YOU, not just Kinesiology.
My eye problem is better too, not perfect but slightly better. Again that
is a huge accomplishment because I have been suffering from this for 14
years and NO One has managed to help me. But you did it.

Session with Kylie:
i feel great and looking forward to the course in august.

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