Referrals T’s & C’s

Thank you for joining us and helping to share Kinergetics with more people.  From March 2017-December 2017 we are offering $100 REWARD to ANY past PHC student for any NEW student you refer to study Kinergetics Unit 1 with us.


Here are the T’s and C’s:

*You will be rewarded ONLY if you are a past Kinergetics student of PHC

*Referrals can ONLY be NEW students (no repeaters)

*You will receive $100 for every NEW student you refer who COMPLETES Unit 1 with us

*You will receive $1000 for every 5 NEW students you refer to Unit 1  (if you are going for this tier, you can split your referrals over any series of Kinergetics we run in 2017 eg 2 students to Unit 1 in May, 1 student to Kinergetics in September and 2 students to the December series however, you will be REWARDED following each series the standard $100 per student with a BONUS REWARD following the last series which sees your 5th referral attend – it is your responsibility to follow this up with us in December as this REWARDS for REFERRALS offer ENDS 31st DECEMBER 2017 and no REWARDS WILL BE AWARDED FOLLOWING THAT DATE FOR THIS PROMOTION).

*You MUST submit their details (Full name, email address and phone number) to us YOURSELF via with REWARDS FOR REFERRALS in the subject line BEFORE they enroll.  If you send their information through after their registration has come through, you will unable to claim them as a REFERRAL.

You will be REWARDED by PayPal or directly into a nominated account (the method you prefer needs to be included in your REFERRAL email along with all details) 7-14 days following their completion of Unit 1 with us.

And that’s it!  THANK YOU for helping us reach more people!  We truly appreciate your support in supporting us all create more balance in every body we meet!


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