Special Attention – Trauma

As part of my ongoing training with a focus and dedication on affecting the deepest, most efficient and effective positive change for everyone beit Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually I am now using a potent and unique corrective technique which targets TRAUMA – and having PHENOMENAL RESULTS

If you have EVER experienced an:

Broken Bone
Witnessed a murder or accident
Been involved in any form of violence
Had a scar
Asthma Attck
Near death
Near Drowning
Bee Sting
Ankle Sprain
Dental Work
Chronic Disease
Earthquake/Natural Disaster
Divorce/Partnership Break-up
….or been in a situation which was dramatically painful for your Soul to endure, chances are on some level the impact of these are still within you, stored at a deep cellular level – which until this technique had been “earthed” or actualised may have been impossible to access fully to release.

I can help you release the energetic ripple effect, often unconscious but living through you that your trauma has left.

A saying I heard once which has stayed with me “we are what we don’t eliminate”. Traumatic experiences not only change how we feel inside, but also dramatically change the way we feel about the World and the way we function within it. If you think back to before you experienced a specific trauma you will notice it has shaped who you have become and most likely not in an uplifting way. Traumatic experiences when not released can trap us in fear. Part of my focus is to empower YOU to live in a sense of Love, Trust, Inner Safety and in the Knowing of Light (the opposite of FEAR which is the residual of what Trauma can leave within us).

If you feel you or someone you care about, would benefit from releasing once and for all the impact of a Traumatic experience PLEASE connect with me, as I have seen how PROFOUND the changes are from this simple technique and would love to help. It does not require you to relive your pain, we simple use non-invasive Kinesiological Techniques to access, shift and support your body/mind/soul to let go and reset your energy.

If you have any questions just email me anytime.
If you live Interstate and feel this technique could benefit you or someone you care about, again just email me and I will connect you with a Practitioner closest to your area to help.

Sometimes we think the way we feel after enduring something “Soul destroying” is how it is going to be forever….this is NOT TRUE you can experience INNERPEACE/INNER RELIEF.


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