Touch for Health 1

Touch for Health 1

This introductory course developed by American chiropractor Dr John Thie in the 1970’s introduces you to the ‘grass roots’ of kinesiology. Touch for Health has been taught to over 10 million people worldwide, in over 100 countries and translated in some 26 languages.
Level I introduces the basics of Touch for Health (TFH) for both lay people and professionals.

You will learn:
*The core techniques of muscle testing for the primary 14 energy meridians based on Chinese Medicine
*To be able to perform the standard ‘fix-as-you-go’ techniques for balancing the body’s energies.
*The theory of TFH and the acupuncture meridians are introduced
*The western reflex techniques that are used to restore balance for dramatically improving posture,
alleviating pain and stress, and for enhancing vitality and mental performance.
*Surrogate testing
*Understand the Triangle of Health

Prerequisites: None
Course Fee: $400
Includes: Manual, International Certification and Tuition

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