Touch for Health Metaphors Workshop

Enhances Touch for Health balancing allowing you to create more profound, effective and meaningful corrections.

You will learn:
*How to use supportive dialogue
*Positive Goal-Setting
*How to utilise and influence creative visualization
*To access Mental/Emotional and Sensory/Associative aspects of Memory
*Learn about Posture & Energy to make your TFH balancing more profound, effective and meaningful.
*Efficiently utilize the 111 metaphors in the new TFH Pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors to feel better and to gain new insight and enthusiasm for your life.
*Identify the underpinning emotion related to a goal/current life issue
*How to balance energy by using sound
*How to combine techniques to help you facilitate more profound changes
*Colour visualization techniques
*Emotional Stress Release diffusion points

The standard TFH protocol provide us with a variety of options for accessing the powerful symbols of the Chinese 5 Element Metaphors. Adding the Metaphors of Organ Function & Muscle Anatomy/Function/Action, we have distinct images that can be dynamically incorporated into our balancing sessions.

Prerequisites: Touch For Health 1&2
Course Fee: $350
Includes: Manual, International Certification and Tuition

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