About Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology

Kinesiology assists the natural path to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The bio-feedback mechanism between our brains and our muscles is utilised to gain insight into potential “breakdowns” in the circuitry and identifies the body preference for “correction” to re-establish health on any level beit physiological(physical), psychological/biochemical(mental/emotional)  or electrical (ionically/spiritually)

Regain your inner vitality.
Efficiently, effectively and in a safe, caring environment.
Kinesiology is safe, gently and non-invasive.

We use concepts based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, along with the Western understanding of the body combined with well established Chiropractic techniques (along with hundreds of other validated methods).

Focused on the “Triangle of Health” model…..if we look at the body as a triangle having three prodominant aspects – physical, mental/emotion and electrical/spiritual we can note that when we experience our optimal health and full potential the triangle is “balanced” equal on all sides.  If one side of the triangle is under stress – all the other “sides” then too become understress (by compensatation the triangle “changes shape” if you like)…we always aim to “balance” the body to allow people to experience not only their optimal health but their full potential too.

Some features of Kinesiology  are:

  • Unique Hydration and TMJ (jaw) corrections
  • Locate and clear deep emotional stressors, sabotages and beliefs that prevent you achieving your full potential
  • Balance for peak sports performance
  • Strengthen elimination organs so heavy metals are eliminated safely
  • Lasting pain corrections as we actively locate subconscious resistance to healing

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