What to expect in a session

What to expect in a session

Your initial session is 1.5 hours, in which a detailed history is taken along with a treatment plan specifically designed to meet your needs and accomplish your desired outcomes.

Subsequent sessions are approximately 1 hour and are generally appointed fortnightly, but this is always dependent on you and what it is you would like to work with or change in your life.

As we progress into the session (in Kinesiology circles we call a session “a balance”), you can choose to sit or lie (most people feel more relaxed when lying down for a balance) on the therapy table while I will monitor some muscles and apply correction techniques (more information on some of the methods used can be found under the modalities/techniques menu).

You may be given home reinforcement techniques to support and assist you between sessions.

It is advisable to wear loose fitting comfortable clothing, with pants recommended for females.

If you have further questions, you are always most welcome to email us on mail@precisionhealthcareclinic.com

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