Zazen Water Filters


As part of my goal to assist you to quickly and easily move toward great health and inner happiness – and in harmonic pairing with the work I do with Kinergetics (in focusing on activating  hydration to create optimal health),  I am proud to connect you to Zazen Water.

These water filtering systems not only are lovely to look at, they function to remove up to 90% of the Fluroide and also have the following benefits (and much much more…):

  • CLEANSES your water of harmful bacteria & toxins
  • HYDRATES immediately at a cellular level
  • NOURISHES with a balanced range of essential minerals
  • ENERGISES full of healthy electrolytes for vitality
  • Tastes Delicious – everyone loves it, especially kids!
  • Exceptional Quality – clean and fresh
  • Rejuvenates – reverses aging
  • Mildly Alkaline – in harmony with the body’s needs
  • High in Antioxidants – eliminates free radicals
  • Immune Support – builds your body’s defense system

Zazen ALKALINE WATER is Totally Natural & Environmentally Friendly

I encourage you to visit their web page and explore the benefits of having a water Filter System for your own health and that of your family.  Their website is jam packed full of valueable information!

This company is Australian owned and operated and serve to provide high quality, high performance, low maintenance water purifiers and from many toxins and not only remineralises the water but the uniques systems have many other features to ensure the water you and your family drink is of the highest physiological benefit to your health.


If you would like to buy a unit simply contact me anytime via: as I can offer you a fantastic discount *(due to high demand for these units, I buy in bulk monthly and can have your system available in Sydney very soon, you can either arrange a pick up from Curl Curl or I can arrange delivery direct to your door).

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